A time series can be "animated" by providing, within the skypainter data entry box, multiple values (on the same line, separated by a single space or tab) for each identifier. This feature can be used, for example, to produce a "movie" on the basis of micro-array expression analysis a time series. When the identifiers entered are followed (separated by space or tab) by a numeric value, the colouring will be assigned according to the average of the numeric values of all identifiers linked to the reaction. Three radio buttons (see red arrows) in the upper left side of the display window allow the user to:
1. start/stop the "animation" of all time points as a "movie" (results for each sample point displayed continuously one after the other)
2.scroll through the sample points individually by viewing the "Next sample point" or "Previous sample point". A line with a bold asterisk indicates a region of the reaction map in which color differences are detected between the time points in this example.
In addition to indicating graphically the location of the reactions "touched" by the identifiers entered, a list providing a mapping between these identifiers and the touched reactions is also provided.